The Hat

The Monkey loves the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss and I love reading it to him.  I’ll have to be honest it’s the only Seuss book I’ve ever read, but want more. BUT, to be honest there’s something kinda demonic about the Cat. Very naughty and shouldn’t be about when their mother is not!!!!  He invites EVEN more mischievous THINGS into the house…The voice of conscience (the fish) is constantly telling the kids to get rid of him and his minions.

But I love reading the book, and how could you not love the artwork and the pros!  Go read it!


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4 Responses to “The Hat”

  1. manyhatsmommy Says:

    My son really enjoyed Fox in Socks. It’s a tongue-twister of a book, and now he tells me certain foods make his “tongue quite lame,” quoting from the book. Came over from the Glad Dad Daily.

  2. Louise Gibbs Says:

    We love Dr suess in Baby Signing Mummy HQ – our favourite being Green Eggs and Ham brilliant book! Also love the Cat, Bella calls him the Hat in the Cat!

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