Snails are great! The Monkey used to love snails, but as he’s got older I think he finds them creepy and slimy. Is there a horror film about snails? Can’t be very good, wouldn’t have many chase sequences…

Hope you’re enjoying this little webcomic, and if so please spread the word either on Twitter or via facebook, and if you’re not…sorry to hear it.


2 Responses to “Snail”

  1. michelle newbold Says:

    Love it! I can pick up just about anything except spiders, so encouraged my son to do the same.

    He was fine with snails until he was about 7, then suddenly would run screaming if I tried to hand him one. Don’t know what changed, but it’s really good fun throwing snails at him in the garden – and we get loads of them!

    Trouble is, he is so anti-killing anything, I have to pick them back up and say sorry!

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