May 23, 2011

I fear the day this will happen!!  The monkey’s cousin put a raisin up his nose when he was younger and when they pulled it out, the snot from his nose had rebirthed that little fella and it was a grape again!  The things kids put in places they shouldn’t!

There will most probably be no update this Thursday I’m afraid I do apologise, I’m on holiday!!! Back to normal we hope next Monday. In the mean time go check out some of the other comics I’ve listed down the right hand side of this page.


My Turn

May 19, 2011

I’m sure it’s the same with most siblings, but with the Monkey, if we laugh or encourage the Mouse to do or continue to do something (either because it’s funny or it helps her learn), then the Monkey will JUMP at the chance to get in on the act.  This can lead to some pretty hilarious albeit unfortunate, situations. Love watching them learn!

Peanut Butter

May 16, 2011

The Monkey loves peanut butter…well he did. Whenever you asked him what he wanted, always peanut butter, until one day…no more.

Hope you’re enjoying The Monkey and the Mouse and I’m always grateful for comments or critiques.

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May 12, 2011

Strip number 30!!! And so I thought I’d treat you to a bit of colour 🙂 .

This is something that tends to happen to some extent in our household. The Monkey’ll let the mouse have a quick go and then straight away will want his go. Pretty funny to see until it all spirals out of control and he starts getting a little boisterous!

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May 9, 2011

The dreaded climber. With the monkey we had no worries. He was never really bothered, but the mouse…now that’s a different story!! She’ll climb the stairs, onto her chair, onto the sofa and if you’re in the way on the floor you will become a climbing frame!

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May 6, 2011

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May 5, 2011

One thing the Mouse has discovered recently are knobs and handles, be it the washing machine or the oven, so everything must be checked before and after use! Look forward to the day this happens…

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Facebook Giveaway Part 2 (of 3)

May 4, 2011

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Pardon Me

May 3, 2011

We try to teach the Monkey to be polite and say his please, thank yous…and pardon mes.  The problems with admitting who did it…

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April 29, 2011

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