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No strip sorry, but news!

June 30, 2011

Greetings all. Sorry to report I don’t have a strip for you today, I’m currently working on a few illustrations with the deadline looming.

BUT I have some news…As of Monday (provided I get a strip done in time) I’ll be moving the Monkey and the Mouse. As much as I’ve loved WordPress and it’s done me well over the last 7 months, I feel it’s time to make it look like I mean business. So I will be transferring it all across to a Comicpress site, provided by the very gracious and kind Philip M Hofer – Frumph!

Here she is:

Hope you like it and look forward to seeing you all over there.



June 27, 2011

Of course this never happens…

Wanted to do a poll, but haven’t managed it so far but would like to hear what people think;

Would you like to see a TMTM Minibook produced with a collection of strips plus BONUS extras:

A: Yes as a cheap PDF download
B: Yes as printed book (with a minor cost)
C: No ta I ain’t paying for this rubbish

Please leave a comment with your choice. Thanks




June 23, 2011

The Monkey was saying prayers the other night and this is what came out of his mouth…

What can you do?! Hilarious – good job God has a sense of humour!!!!

Still finding the feel for the art style of the strip. Used a thinner brush and went for less shading. What do you think? Still trying to get the line weights sorted and the pen pressure right…we’ll get there.




June 16, 2011

I fear for this day. At least the Mouse will have a great immune system as she eats everything! And I mean everything. She pulls the moss up from between paving stones, it’s pretty gross!!!

Well I managed to get this strip done amongst some other work which I’m pleased about, so this should mean there’s no excuses for missing a strip…(don’t hold me to that!!)

Have a good weekend folks and please, spread the TMTM word! Thanks.

Costumes 03

June 9, 2011

Love how at the minute the Mouse doesn’t really comprehend the Monkey’s games and situations and watching them can be pretty funny stuff.  She doesn’t really know how to play the way he wants her to and although funny for me must be so frustrating for the little man.

Cracking on with these strips and thankfully still loving every minute. Hope to produce something a little special within the next month or so.  Keep ’em peeled!!



Costumes 02

June 6, 2011

Sorry for the delay this morning with posting, weekend kinda got the better of me. Anyway, continuing with the costume theme, how could I resist a little pay back from the Mouse after all the stuff the Monkey’s done to her?

Dropped the Monkey at Nursery this morning after a week off due to half term, and the first thing he went and got was a spaceman suit, made me smile!




June 2, 2011

My son LOVES to dress up as someone or something. We only have a couple of outfits, but whenever he can he will! Even at nursery he’s usually in some sort of outfit. I think he may grow up to be Mr Benn!!  He’s now taken to having multiple outfits/names…which kinda worries me a little when I think about it…

Anyhoo, hope you’re enjoying the strip, I may have to bring it back to once a week soon as work is starting to pile up a bit and I don’t have enough hours in the day, but which is also AWESOME news. I’ll see what gives and keep you informed if this is the case. Have a good weekend!

The Hat

May 30, 2011

The Monkey loves the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss and I love reading it to him.  I’ll have to be honest it’s the only Seuss book I’ve ever read, but want more. BUT, to be honest there’s something kinda demonic about the Cat. Very naughty and shouldn’t be about when their mother is not!!!!  He invites EVEN more mischievous THINGS into the house…The voice of conscience (the fish) is constantly telling the kids to get rid of him and his minions.

But I love reading the book, and how could you not love the artwork and the pros!  Go read it!


May 23, 2011

I fear the day this will happen!!  The monkey’s cousin put a raisin up his nose when he was younger and when they pulled it out, the snot from his nose had rebirthed that little fella and it was a grape again!  The things kids put in places they shouldn’t!

There will most probably be no update this Thursday I’m afraid I do apologise, I’m on holiday!!! Back to normal we hope next Monday. In the mean time go check out some of the other comics I’ve listed down the right hand side of this page.

My Turn

May 19, 2011

I’m sure it’s the same with most siblings, but with the Monkey, if we laugh or encourage the Mouse to do or continue to do something (either because it’s funny or it helps her learn), then the Monkey will JUMP at the chance to get in on the act.  This can lead to some pretty hilarious albeit unfortunate, situations. Love watching them learn!